Updates for 05/05/2011

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It feels like a million things have happened since I last updated, so I will attempt to quickly summarize what progress has been made. Please visit the thread for details.

  • We finished evaluating & committed a significant investment for a new billing system
  • We confirmed that our new pricing model should go live with the new billing system
  • We launched the Knowledgebase (under Support) to replace the FAQ area in the forum
  • We fixed some minor, layout issues with Forum (buttons on posts)

There are numerous other tasks completed too, but these are the big ones that affect end-users directly.

The billing headaches have been an issue for years but we are finally in a position to overcome these limitations. We are committing a 6-figure investment (over the next 3 years) and have an aggressive "launch date" of 2 months planned. Upon launch, the cart and billing will be greatly simplified for new orders and all management of orders, upgrades, downgrades, change of payment method, etc will be easy and intuitive. The new billing system will also coincide with the long-awaited pricing model change that is based on bandwidth instead of fetches. This means that we can more easily differentiate what users want/need and make it more clear what is needed to achieve desired results.

In an effort to forge ahead quickly, you may notice changes to your account over the next few months. Some of these changes may be confusing at first but will really just be the same information, displayed differently. Some of the changes you may notice are:

  • Account Type: will show FREE, BASIC, or PLUS
  • Usage Stats: will begin to show "bandwidth" instead of fetches*
  • View Stats: will begin to show "bandwidth" instead of fetches*

*Bandwidth accounts for fetches AND larger images that eat up more bandwidth. The reason for this change is to allow a uniform and intuitive way to charge for larger sized images, such as custom size and full-length. The benefit to those who get small images is that you will be able to "fetch" considerably more smaller images under the new bandwidth billing.

The new Knowledgebase makes it simpler to search for solutions and to submit a ticket, if none are found. Feedback on the new support area investment have been very positive so far.

And, lastly, we have corrected some layout issues with the forum that may have affected Google Chrome users (20%+ of our users). So the post buttons (edit and reply) should be visible now.

That's all for now. We are working around-the-clock and investing significantly in the future of our service. I can hardly wait to share the upcoming improvements beyond those listed above, but for now it's first things first.

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