Testing Screenshot Capture Generator Update (11/16/2012)

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I am currently testing the next iteration of generator code on the PRODUCTION system.

These changes will support the new storage method for the Massive Migration Project. Some of the changes also add new support for optimizing the handling of encoded vs un-encoded requests. Finally, there is also an overhaul of encoding handling that will allow for wider international character support, IDNs, etc. We already support punycode.

The reason for this announcement is that there could be small glitches as we test the new code. We are tracking requests as they are handled and will refresh any that end up broken.

I do not expect much (if any) actual service impact as a result of this testing. This round of testing should be completed within the next 3 hours.

If all goes well, the final phase of the Massive Migration Project will be completed in the next 1-2 weeks. It is very rare that we have actual downtime, but this final phase of the migration will likely result in at least some downtime. We will do our best to avoid it and will announce it ahead of time. With our preparations, even if there is downtime, it should be limited to 1 minute, up to 1 hour. This is regarding a total service outage where the service and/or website "may" become unresponsive.

Once the migration is completed, there may be some lag in captures, as we will be "starting over" and wiping out our entire cache of captured images! Our new auto-scaling capture generator infrastructure will really be put to the test and we may spin up 500, 1000, or more generators to try to handle requests as they come in.

This migration is the culmination of 3 years of planning and will finally get us to where we need to be in order to handle a nearly infinite load, storage capacity, and capture capability. Smile

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