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Hi everyone, I think you may be interested in it. I created a plugin for b2evolution

Plugin description:

Direct download link: Download Now

Demo: View Live Demo

Thanks for the good service you guys provide.

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Sam that's awesome! Thank you so much for you support. I have a couple of questions for you regarding this plugin:

1) Does it support the Javascript Preview Verification request method that will soon be required for all free user requests?

2) Does it support any of our PRO Features?

3) Does it provide support for caching images locally?

3) If no to any or all of the above questions, can you add support for these?

If you are willing to provide support and maintain this plugin I will gladly add it to our Plugins page crediting you as the developer, as we've done for many of the other plugins written to support our service.

Best Regards,

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Very cool. By the way, I edited your post to make your links click-able.

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