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It has been reported that omitting &stwdelay, when refreshing, will reset any delay back to zero(0). This has always been the behavior but isn't really ideal, because in most cases, we want to keep the delay persistently on certain troublesome requests.

Instead of putting the burden on plugin developers and after much consideration, we have made a change to the way that delay requests will work from now on. This has been fully tested and made live today.

So, the way it works now is that any request with a specified delay will take on that specified delay. A delay of zero(0) is no longer considered a specified value and will result in no change whatsoever. So, if you omit (or pass &stwdelay=0), the delay will not change. If it is zero(0), it will stay zero(0). If it is 30s, it will stay 30s.

The main nuance here is that IF you want to remove a delay programmatically, you will now pass &stwdelay=-1 (negative one(1)). That will tell our system to remove any delay and reset it back to zero(0).

Here is a legend showing how it will work:

-1 = remove delay (delay = 0)
0 = no change
1-45 = change delay

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