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This is the most basic form of our social media test. We are working on a really cool version of this idea but have posted this online in the meantime. If you like it, take a moment to let us know!


This page is designed to show a bunch of website thumbnails to show how much easier it is to find sites that appeal to you just by looking at previews. The thought here is to have the ability to organize and quickly identify sites of interest without wasting as much time... An integrated ranking system could also help to boost importance of various sites that are shown to the visitor...


If you don't like the mouseover popups, just remember that those are optional. But, the key question is:

"Did the thumbnail image make you more comfortable and interested to click?"

You bet it did!

That's exactly what your visitor will think and that's where you can make more money. :)


Many affiliate sites redirect many times and have non-working homepages, so you will also need to upgrade to the "Specific Page" PRO feature, if you really want to take full advantage of this benefit. However, the boost in your conversion rates and revenue will be well worth it!


Discover how STW Previews Enhance the Web Surfing Experience: Learn about Website Thumbnails / Thumbshots


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