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*** For Advanced Integrators / Developers ***
The code provided in this section is not supported.
Consulting rates will apply for any support or customizations requested.

We have funded the development of a "Smarty" integration kit. This code makes it easier to integrate ShrinkTheWeb into any Smarty template enabled software.

It uses the following smarty tag: {stwthumb}

All configuration for this method must be done within the files found in the /stw_api/ folder

DOWNLOAD: Smarty only plugin


Examples (where $URL is the URL to capture)

1. Typical usage

{stwthumb Size=xlg Alt=$TITLE Style="border:1px solid #999999"}$URL{/stwthumb}

2. A "Custom Size", "Full-Length" capture

{stwthumb SizeCustom=400 FullSizeCapture=true Alt=$TITLE Style="border:1px solid #999999"}$URL{/stwthumb}

3. If you set defaults, this will override "Custom Size" and "Full Size" to force "Size=sm" (which is 120x90px)

{stwthumb Size=sm SizeCustom=0 FullSizeCapture=false Alt=$TITLE Style="border:1px solid #999999"}$URL{/stwthumb}

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