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ShrinkTheWeb uses a CMS (content management software) which uses cookies to keep users logged in (an optional feature) when chosen by each user at login. Cookies may also be used to track certain types of transactions, such as billing actions. We do not share or report any personal information to any third-parties, except for our billing provider when a user upgrades to a paying subscription.

ShrinkTheWeb does not rent, sell, automatically collect, or distribute any emails or personal information, in any way, at any time. Information and details that you choose to provide us will be kept confidential and secured at all times. We utilize the industry best practices for security to keep all data private.

Joining ShrinkTheWeb requires confirmation by way of a double opt in process. We do not send promotional or advertising emails to our users. Our email list is used for company communication and announcements, including an occasional newsletter, and, in some cases, technical advisories. We do not, and have not ever sent, spam.

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