Service Outage and Network Slowness (Update)

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It appears that the system is operating optimally again. It has been working well for the past two days. However, we did not do anything to fix the issue. In testing, we discovered that there was a problem with the TCP stack, external network interfaces, or switch ports. Our datacenter swears that there is no problem with the network interfaces or switch ports. They tested the servers, offline, for 13 hours. Afterwards, they put the servers back online and everything was working normally again. No changes; just working fine like nothing ever happened. That was awfully suspicious to us, so we are still watching closely and installed new monitoring on the servers that will alert us quickly if this, or other issues, occur in the future.

At least now we know what to look for and the new monitoring is extremely helpful and insightful. Additionally, we were able to determine that this issue was related to all of the previous database outages that we experienced in 2013 and so far in 2014. Now that we know these issues are related, we can work toward improving uptime even further. Outages are rare for ShrinkTheWeb, but this last one was a doozie. We are working hard to keep things running well for us and our valued customers like you!

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