PLUS Upgrade

This upgrade is not a PRO feature but does offer some "PRO" benefits. It ALSO offers some "Bandwidth" benefits. Here is a list of what you will get with a PLUS account:

  1. Adds 20,000 "New Requests" to your monthly allowance (about 645/day)
    • To PRO users (before 03/30/2011): Limits will not change. This boost already received w/ any PRO upgrade.
  2. Access all methods including Simple Embedded, Advanced API, and the new Javascript Preview Verification
  3. Faster capture times with access to "Shared Dedicated Generators" *
  4. Option to disable the "Lock to Account" feature

*We have set aside a group of dedicated generators that only PLUS users will have access to use. There is still no guarantee on capture time, but all PLUS requests will be given priority in the queue. This will come in handy when the free user queue is high.

This PLUS upgrade is a "stepping stone" to having your own dedicated generator. If you aren't quite ready to get a dedicated generator, this is an inexpensive way to get a boost in limits, performance, and options. If you eventually upgrade to a dedicated generator, some of your requests will go to the shared generators and the rest will be handled by your dedicated generators.

Special Offer: If you have purchased a single PRO feature that you do not use, you may "trade in" that PRO feature in exchange for PLUS and get access to the shared dedicated generators for the same low price! To accept this offer, DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM but contact us instead and let us know that you want to take advantage of this opportunity. This offer does not apply to ALL PRO customers (i.e. you may not trade in a single piece of an ALL PRO order).


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