ShrinkTheWeb Software Integration Library

Here you'll discover cool integrations written by STW or by members of STW for use by all. These integrations will make it easier for you to enhance your website with our website snapshot service.

3rd-Party Software Plugins (STW Certified Integration)

Certified integrations are designated by the stw logo in the lower right corner of the badge. By choosing "STW Certified Integrations," you may rest assured in knowing that these integrations abide by "Best Practices", have been thoroughly tested, and will be supported by ShrinkTheWeb staff.

Ajax (jQuery) Library

jQuery Ajax sample code for quickly & dynamically loading screenshots

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AJAX Loader

AJAX Loader (community provided/supported)

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BoonEx Dolphin

The SITES module v7.1+ is "STW Certified"

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Code Igniter

Code Igniter Framework for STW Integration

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STW Application / Package for Django

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Drupal (API)

Add website previews with API support

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Drupal (STW)

Install STW website previews in Drupal.

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Elgg Social Network

ShrinkTheWeb plugin for Elgg Social Network

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eSyndicat Directory

eSyndicat Plugin for ShrinkTheWeb Screenshots

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Joomla extension to embed screenshots

by JV-Extensions

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Plugin to add STW shortcode support to MediaWiki

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Mouseover Bubble

Mouseover popup bubble preview script

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Perl Class

Use Perl to incorporate STW previews

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PHP Weby

Use STW screenshots in PHP Weby Directories

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phpLD (STW)

Plugin to add STW shortcode support to phpLinkDirectory

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Install STW web previews in Pligg

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PowerSeek (STW)

Integrate STW into PowerSeek SQL

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Ruby on Rails Gem

Use Ruby on Rails to integrate STW

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Sample Code (.NET)

Sample Code for Microsoft .NET

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Sample Code (PHP)

STW Sample Code for PHP4+
(includes Distributed API Security sample)

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Smarty Plugin

Sample integration for Smarty Template Engine

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Thumbfly (STW)

Re-sizes images on-the-fly to create high quality thumbnails

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Guide to install STW in vBulletin

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WordPress (STW)

Plugin to add STW shortcode support to WordPress

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WordPress Refresh All

Schedule to Refresh All STW screenshots in WordPress

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A nice, configurable portfolio manager for WordPress

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3rd-Party Software Plugins (Not STW Certified)

Please note that plugins not certified by ShrinkTheWeb means that they may not adhere to "Best Practices" or be fully tested. if you choose to install unsupported plugins and run into issues, we will be unable to offer any support or assistance, unless it is on a paid basis. For paid support, please open a support ticket and we will evaluate the cost of addressing your concern. In general, however, it is best to contact the author of the plugin or script and prompt them to assist you and/or work with ShrinkTheWeb staff (via the support portal) to obtain "STW Certified Integration" status.


*All code, released by ShrinkTheWeb, is available for download under a GPL agreement.


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