Now Inside Pages are Automatic, when Upgraded

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We finally got around to the task of evaluating "Inside Pages" and the &stwinside=1 parameter usage. We were correct that there is no real reason to require passing of this parameter, so we have made "Inside Pages" work automatically, as long as the account has that upgrade.

For those who are already sending &stwinside=1, everything will continue to work normally. No changes are required. From now on, new customers who upgrade to "Inside Pages" will not have to make any code changes. If you give us a full path URL, then that's what we'll capture.

The original thought process was that we would give users control over displaying a homepage, even when passing the full URL with "Inside Pages" enabled. However, this is really unnecessary, because nobody uses it that way and because it causes confusion when people upgrade to "Inside Pages" but their full URLs are still showing the homepage (until they pass the -now deprecated- &stwinside parameter).

So now, we assume that whatever you give us is what you want captured. If you have inside pages and want to show a homepage only, then be sure to send only the homepage. Essentially, we will return the capture for whatever you give us to work with. This allows us to automate "Inside Pages" and have it instantly begin capturing your full path URL requests, without having to modify any code to make it happen.

I only wish we had thought about it this way in the beginning, because it would have eliminated a lot of confusion. Sometimes the obvious eludes us. Wink

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