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These will be automatically available to all users for free during the BETA period (and possibly beyond) and can be used at your descretion. We are undecided on whether or not to make these available as part of the basic service or the PRO service, but since they're open to everyone for awhile, enjoy!

Website Thumbnail Verification
Difficulty: N/A

Now, we will verify every request to help ensure that the image is really good or not. This piece is also still in BETA but will definitely become part of the basic/default service at no charge. The verification will happen automatically, so there is nothing you need to do.

META Data Retrieval
Difficulty: Advanced

UPDATE: For now, this feature has been deprecated and is no longer supported.

The first of these NEW Features is META Data Retreival. Now, your API requests will automatically return the title and description of each request once the capture is completed and verified. This allows you to use your creativity in new ways by providing more information to you. For instance, you could use these titles and descriptions to:

    - simplify signup processes for your users
    - place details in the 'title'/'alt' tags of your thumbnail images
    - compare user entered title/description for verification
    - look for key words (to categorization, for example)

These are just a few of the creative uses off the top of our heads and I'm sure you all can come up with many more!

Adult Content Filter
Difficulty: Simple or Advanced

UPDATE: For now, this feature has been deprecated and is no longer supported.

When we verify each site, we also note whether or not it contains any "questionable content"... If you run a family-friendly site, we make it easier to weed out the bad sites!

Simple Method Users

In the lobby, you will have an option in the PRO features area to "Turn ON" or "Turn OFF" the adult content filter. If "turned on", then we will display a "Questionable Content" thumbnail when we suspect a site of being adult in nature. If disabled, it will show the thumbnail as expected.

Note: If you have upgraded to PRO Custom System Messages, then you will have a new option to upload your own custom "Questionable Content" error thumbnail.

Advanced Method Users

Now users will be able to automatically determine if a website may contain "questionable" or "adult" material and display a default or custom uploaded thumbnail in its place. We have added a section to the API XML feed that says either "Family" or "Adult" to let you know which is which.

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