New Generator Testing for Failed Captures (CAPTURE_FAILED)

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We have been detecting (and getting some reports) of an increasing number of failed captures. These are relating to captures that fail even though the site is working. Previously, we thought these were a result of router filtering (, but that does not seem to be the problem. We are able to connect to the site via "curl" and download without any issue. So this is an issue with the render engines.

We are currently testing a new revision to the capture generators that we hope will overcome these issues. Simply by upgrading the source code for the browser SDK, we managed to see 2/3 of the broken sites working. However, there is still 1/3 of the broken sites that still fail. In the new version, the error on these will change from CAPTURE_FAILED to FILE_CREATE_ERROR for our troubleshooting purposes.

There is nothing you need to do and this is informational only. We are trying to debug the sites and see why they fail, but it is a tedious and error-prone process. That makes it time-consuming. As we make progress, we will update you and hopefully roll out a more stable version of the capture generators shortly. When we do, we expect no downtime, as they will be done in segments and other generators will be online to handle incoming volume while another batch is updated.

Thank you for your patience, if you've been experiencing any of these issues!

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