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We are announcing the availability of "Developer Accounts" that will make testing functionality much simpler for your development team. To qualify, you must be:

  • Integrating our service into a publicly available software or application (such as a Wordpress, Drupal, or directory software), OR
  • A large corporate institution that requires on-going testing of features

Approval is handled on a case-by-case basis.

IF you currently have multiple accounts in the system, for testing purposes, please contact us and let us know the usernames for those accounts. Highlight which one you would like to keep, and we will upgrade the primary one to a developer's account, while disabling the others.

Basically, the only difference from a normal account is that when you click on "Upgrade", select whatever upgrades/downgrades you want in place for testing, and click "Order Now"... the changes will become effective immediately without requiring payment. You can go back and forth, with any combination, any number of times.

To prevent abuse, you will not be able to add more bandwidth or new requests to these accounts. So, it may be necessary for you to have a primary account for use AND a developer's account. These will be allowed on a case-by-case basis, but in general, multiple accounts are still NOT allowed. Smile

Thank you to all of our loyal integrators! We appreciate you and your efforts!

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Today, I'm announcing an enhancement to the DEV accounts.

We have added "Limit Manipulation" so that you can test various limit states of an account.

  • Reset account to within bandwidth limits (2.5Gb of 5Gb used)
  • Set account to over the bandwidth limit
  • Set account to WAY over the bandwidth limit
    NEW REQUESTS (Quota)
  • Reset account to within "new request" limits (2,500 of 5000, also reactivates the account)
  • Set account to over the "new request" limit (also reactivates the account)
  • Set account to WAY over the "new request" limit (Temporarily "disables" the account)

NOTE: Accounts in the "WAY over" limit state will not return an XML response using "Advanced" method requests. They are ignored completely.

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If you are writing an integration that will allow your users to use our server in your product please be sure to read and fully understand the following before requesting a developers account.

Integrator Terms and Conditions

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