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We are migrating our helpdesk, as of now. We were given little notice of when it would be ready, so now we are stuck with a 24-hour propagation window.

In the meantime, users may get a timeout or an "offline" message when visiting the helpdesk. Once propagation has occurred for others, the helpdesk will work as normal.

In some cases, it may be possible to get the new location by rebooting or using command prompt and typing: ipconfig /flushdns and pressing [ENTER], in order to avoid a reboot.

The helpdesk will be offline, regardless, for the next 30-60 minutes while it is migrated.

The reason for this migration is that Kayako's SaaS model is very limited, and we are very upset that we were convinced to migrate to it over our prior standalone version. Now, we are reverting back to a standalone installation and will be able to support Single Sign-On, along with various other conveniences for our customers and our support staff.

All of these changes will allow us to better serve those who need support.

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The helpdesk is online on the new server. It is 100x faster too.

Ok, so there are a couple of "issues" with the configuration and Kayako is currently investigating and will have those resolved shortly. However, the basic parts of the helpdesk are working normally.

Remember that the DNS may not have propagated, so you may experience timeout connecting to the helpdesk, until your DNS updates.

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