Major performance increase to PagePix service and STW portal

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Ever since we migrated to our new, much more powerful server clusters; I have been disappointed with the performance of the database. I was unable to take a closer look until tonight, but I found that several of my optimizations had not been implemented as expected and needed to be put back in place.

Once I got those back in, the system immediately came back to life. Compared to competing services, we were still much faster; but now, we are once again light-years ahead. Smile

Some notable performance gains include:

  • The Q output with 250,000 in Q was taking 55s or more. After my optimizations, it is taking about 5s. This reduces the "wait" time when the Q is really high.
  • A DB update was taking 0.5s each, but after my optimizations; it is taking 0.006s.*

*This limited to 7,200 requests per hour per thread. Now, we see ~500,000 requests per hour per thread!

It seems that everything is running much more smoothly now. However, I am still in talks with Oracle to upgrade to their Enterprise level DB product. That will allow us access to performance utilities, expert design assistance/review, etc.

It is an expensive investment, but we want to make sure that we continue to excel and keep up with the increasing demand. We appreciate everyone's support and loyalty!

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