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We have changed how we will be handling maintenance notifications so that it will be easier for us to keep in touch (even for last minute notifications) and also provide a history of notifications for reference in the ShrinkTheWeb forum.

However, for now, one limitation of this new system is that it is only able to send notifications to your primary email address on file (this one). Therefore, if you specified a separate email for maintenance notifications in the old system, that will no longer work.

So please be sure that your primary email on file goes to the right person or persons (i.e. a distribution group email may be necessary). We will be sponsoring development of a feature that will -hopefully- allow you to add additional notification emails in the future.

Ultimately, this change was made to help us keep in touch better in regards to planned outages, migrations, potential issues, known issues, etc.

Thank you,

-The Brandon

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