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Hello to everyone at STW,

I am Niranjan, the founder and owner of JV-Extensions, popular 3rd party extensions makers for Joomla content management system. All our extensions are very popular in the Joomla community and they include JV-LinkDirectory, JV-LinkExchanger, JV-ContentLinks and JV-Relatives

We take pride in partnering with STW to provide additional thumbnail preview features to our customers. JV-LinkExchanger and JV-LinkDirectory create directories of website listings in Joomla and these use STW for displaying thumnails for each website listing.

We are extremely glad to announce the successful integration of Free and Pro account features of STW with JV-LinkExchanger. Customers who use JV-LinkExchanger can now use the Pro account features of STW, to generate and fetch thumbnails of desired sizes, quality, resolutions, delay and more...This is a complete admin panel integration and frontend directory integration, with options to choose between STW Pro accounts and Free accounts.

A sample screenshot of the admin panel integration is attached below:

For more information, please visit us at ***Broken Link Removed***. We will be sharing more info about this integration, screenshots and videos soon in this space!

Best Regards,


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Oh man look at that! That looks GREAT Niranjan, very clean...VERY Professional. I can't wait to see the kind of response you get from this full integration. Looking forward to that demo video as well. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

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