Agreeing to these terms is a prerequisite for getting a developer's account.

1. Integrators must present the application, software, or website where the integration is to take place. At a minimum, a demo or a presentation showing the use case will be expected, so that we can evaluate the best method of implementation.

2. Integrators must follow all "Best Practices" as stated in the "STW Testing Guide" and must maintain a high quality of code, whereby all changes are thoroughly tested to ensure that the integration passes the tests outlined in the testing guide. If you do not have the resources to integrate our service properly, then you may contract our services at a discounted $75/hour rate to assist with integration and testing.

3. Integrators must agree to maintain a proficient and tested codebase through subsequent revisions and releases of the application, software, or website.

4. To be listed as a "STW Certified Integration", the integrator must provide a sample, of the code to be used, for review by ShrinkTheWeb. We will not release any proprietary code that is not "general use" in nature. Any specific code will be treated as confidential and protected as such.

5. If, at any time, we receive more than five(5) complaints regarding an integration, that integration will be moved to the "Unsupported Integrations" section until such time that the integration has been certified or recertified. In this case, we will not provide ANY support to your end-users until we are in close communication with the Integrator staff and have defined who will be responsible to fix various parts of the flawed integration.

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