Important Update to PHP Sample Code v2.0.8

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If you have installed v2.0.8 of the PHP Sample Code and use the Embedded Method, it is strongly advised to upgrade to the 06/06/2016 release or make the minor change noted below.

It was discovered today that the v2.0.8 sample code had an oversight regarding the Notify Callback. By default, all embedded requests would send a Notify Callback trigger. This is not desirable, in most cases, since it means storing images locally, or generating an error when not configured, even though showing images via the embedded method. There are some edge cases, where a user might want a stored copy and still show embedded, but those are rare. So, we have pushed an update (can download in the documentation area) to address this oversight. It is a matter of adding a single line of code, so if you have a highly customized integration, you can simply replace the following on line 168 in the main sample code library:

            $aArgs['stwembed'] = 1;


            $aArgs['stwembed'] = 1;
            unset($aArgs['stwcallback']); // Do NOT trigger notify callback on embedded!!

In our testing, we did not catch this, because we only made sure the notify was working with advanced method requests and did not consider that it might accidentally be sending for embedded requests also. On a positive note, the Notify Callback has sent over 1 million requests now, and they all delivered within milliseconds of being captured. With increased volume, some delay is inevitable, but we plan to scale up more "notify processes" to help keep up with demand.

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