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Standard Captures - Default Sizes (Homepages Only)
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Inside Page Captures (i.e. not just homepages and sub-domains)


Homepages Inside Pages Inside Pages

Custom Size Captures (Any size, incl. Full-Length i.e. 800x0, 800x2000, up to 2880x0)


Full-Length Captures ("Custom Size" supports Full or Cropped, up to 2880xFULL)


The "Custom Size" feature also supports any size (up to 2880px) and will capture the entire page. If a uniform height is desired, a specific output dimension can be specified, such as 201x147 or 800x1500, and will crop accordingly. Use "Custom Size" to capture full-length screenshots.

Convert a URL into a PDF (Create a PDF file from a given web page URL)


pdf pdf

Custom Browser Resolution (4:3 aspect ratio)


Do you have a need to capture specifically at 800x600, 1280x1024, or some other default browser resolution? In its simplest form, this feature can force captures at a browser resolution which you specify. At less than 1024x768, websites appear zoomed.
Default (1024x768) Custom Browser Resolutions

Widescreen Image Capture
Custom Size + Custom Browser Resolution


The power of "Custom Size" and "Custom Browser Resolution" can be coupled to control the browser at any resolution. For instance, you could capture at odd resolutions such as 2880x1440 or 1440x900 and get widescreen captures of website and images! This ability will be a nice utility in your dev toolkit.
Default (1024x768) Widescreen (1440x900)

Custom Quality


Many webmasters have asked for this feature to help reduce their bandwidth usage (only applies to Embedded requests). Advanced Method users can resize using our free Thumbfly utility.
Default Custom Quality (75% vs 50%)

Miscellaneous PRO Upgrades
Refresh On-Demand


Allows you to programmatically request refreshes of any screenshot you are allowed to capture. This action costs 1 "New Request" credit.
Custom Delay


Allows specific number of seconds (up to 45s) to wait after loading a page containing Flash content.
Private Label Option

Upload Link in Lobby when Upgraded

Replace STW default placeholder images (see below) with your own. Upload (simple method) or pass remote server folder location in request (either method - supports localization, customization, etc).

The ShrinkTheWeb automated website screenshot system supports mix-and-match of any PRO features

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