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Note: Originally posted in the STW Blog (deprecated and removed) on 07/26/2010


So you're probably dying to ask us "How old are you now?" and the answer is TWO! Two whole years old, and in celebration of our birthday we decided to work like lunatics for 4 solid months to bring you the undeniably exceptional, the fantastically phenomenal, the specifically spectacular RELAUNCH of ShrinkTheWeb.

Take a look around and let us know what you think, as long as it's positive, because it's our birthday and considered good form to only say nice things to the birthday site. But seriously, if you spot something strange let us know as we do strive for excellence at all times.

Now, let me point out a couple of the NEW and IMPROVED things about the site so you don't just have to stumble upon it at random.

The first thing you've probably already noticed is that we moved the username and password fields to a login form. That's so we can support persistent logons! Now you can stay logged in and be taken directly to your lobby when you visit the site. Definitely not the most exciting upgrade, but we sure did get a lot of requests for it and we aim to please. Wink

Next up is the:

Code Wizard
Bulk Import Tool
Thumbnail History
Domain Search
Documentation Area
ShrinkTheWeb Forum

These tools have been added and/or enhanced to make your life a little easier and ours too. Now you can do so much more! Easily customize your code including any and all of our PRO Features. Import URLs en mass to be captured in advanced and then delivered instantly when you request them later. Find and refresh any thumbnail. Brag about your site and collaborate with other developers in the new community area.

So go ahead and get some cake and feel free to eat it too! You deserve it, just for being the wonderful and supportive friends you all are.

All the best!

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Please feel free to make comments or share your thoughts by posting below.

We are working towards making our community area a much more interactive place to contribute and share code. All of our combined efforts will help build the next generation of Internet applications!


-The Brandon

kapd (not verified)

Congratulations for new Drupal based site!!
All the best!!

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