Fix for Unsupported Redirects (BLANK_DETECTED)

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A helpful user recently reported numerous URLs that would return BLANK_DETECTED because the site used javascript to redirect after the web server reported "200 OK", which signals "done" to our capture technology.

A few years back, we made a change that would account for several types of "unsupported" redirects (META, inline javascript, etc), but that apparently stopped working at some point.

Tonight, I was able to get these URLs to capture once again. So, I have refreshed 80,000 requests that were marked as BLANK_DETECTED. I spot checked many of them and the landing page actually was a blank page, but there will likely be many that will also capture correctly now.

These requests really slow down the queue processing, because they get retried a couple of times, automatically. However, the system has cleared 20,000 of the 80,000 in the past 30 minutes, so I don't think it will impact anyone. New requests still take priority.

At any rate, I just wanted to share that these types of sites should capture properly again, in case it has been negatively affecting others who did not report it.


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