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Several users requested an export feature for the "Thumbnail History" tool that would allow them to easily utilize the data available on screenshots associated with their account or specific searches for screenshots.

We are pleased to announce that we have rolled out this feature and you should see this option now when viewing the Thumbnail History page. It supports Excel, CSV, and PDF formats for exporting data found in the current search. See below for a link to the documentation, but it's really straight-forward anyway. Click and Save (basically)! Check it out!

Export Web Page Thumbnail History Search Results in Excel, CSV, or PDF format

While we recommend that users integrate with the Advanced Method API and update their database with last captured timestamp, screenshot information/parameters, and error codes; we realize that this isn't always possible. Some users find it easier to import formatted data to have a script analyze or make updates. This new feature should really make that process ultra easy.

So, I got this task 90% done rather quickly and then got stuck on CSV output issues and UTF-8 character handling. Once I got past that, I spent many hours to overcome having to submit a duplicate query (which can be slow, especially with lots per page), so that meant avoiding AJAX, jQuery, or using a simple query-to-export method. I also could not output a real file, because we're using distributed web nodes, so that was a bit of a challenge.

At any rate, I finally overcame all obstacles and the files are generated very fast. I added support for Excel, CSV, and PDF (just to see if I could while I was in the code, hah!).

The Excel files are actual Excel format; not just comma or tab delimited with an .xls extension. So these should work well and are formatted really nicely with a colored header, auto-sized columns, and a frozen header row that is nice on larger export sets.

The CSV files may be a little easier to import and appear to support UTF-8 proplerly.

The PDF is just for reports to management and such, but there are a couple of potential issues, so this option is not -technically- supported. It's just kind of a novelty I threw in there.

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