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We would like to announce an enhancement to the "Lock to Account" feature, security section.

There is now a new option, in BETA, that will allow Basic & PLUS users to override "Lock to Account" for IP address referrers. This is a very advanced feature and not recommended for most users. However, if you are embedding requests AND using the "Advanced Method" or another method that sends IPs (such as distributed apps, such as mobile & social), then this might be a good solution for you.

This feature basically allows an account to enable "Lock to Account" so that all domain/URL referrers not on the "Allowed Referrers" list will be blocked, while also ensuring that all IPs are allowed.

This is quite a change to the security protocols of our service, so we will be keeping a close watch for issues. However, this change has been thoroughly tested and we believe is ready for BETA testing by those who need to test it out. Please open a ticket if you find that it does not work as expected.

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See the article on configuring the new BETA feature

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