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@GetGlobal: I wondered the same myself, lol.

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The link must be customized so that others cannot usurp your account. We cannot do that in the forum, so the link must be emailed or provided manually.

If you did not receive the email, then you should open a support ticket and one of our staff will provide it for you. You will have plenty of time (days, maybe more than a week) to complete the 1-minute process, so do not worry that we will cut you off before you have a chance to get it done. Wink

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Where and how can I confirm my opt-in status?
Thank you.

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I have been folowing all the comments and Jesus there are some aggresive people out there.

I got the original email, read it, understood it, and opted in.

The users who are making these unhelpful comments must be dislexic.

Leave the administrators alone, it was all self explanitory.

Thanks for a great free system guys

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Because the email I got is the one you see below, the other with the correct link ended up in my SPAM folder. I'm sure many other gmail/Outlook users are having the same happen.

Look for the other email folks.


Earlier today, we sent out an email to all active users.

The time has finally come. We've been planning all year to move to a respected email service provider and we are finally ready to do so.

However, they require that we "clean up" our user database by having all active users confirm their opt-in status and agree (double opt-in again) to accept our newsletters and important maintenance notifications. We will soon be exercising our right to suspend any unsubscribed or unconfirmed accounts, so please take action soon to avoid service interruption.

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