Database Clean Up (Enforced for Free Users)

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Last night at midnight, we kicked off the process to clean out anyone who did not "reconfirm" their email address (or update it, if using a role-based email such as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], etc).

This process was cumbersome for us and for our users, but was necessary for us to continue being able to communicate with users now that we have begun using an Email Service Provider. Now we will be able to better control bounces, block emails with auto-responders, get delivered into inboxes instead of spam filters, etc. This will enable us to keep our database clean from now on and avoid this scenario in the future.

All of this is going to allow us to keep our costs low and help keep your costs low (or free).

That said, we have banned a little over 25,000 accounts!!

So that's more than a few and we're flooding with support requests today from users who were not receiving our emails & notices. Please be aware that being able to receive our notices, announcement, feature updates, etc; is a requirement of using the service for free. It is a SMALL price to pay for such stellar service and support! Smile

We love our free users too, so please open a support ticket if you have been blocked. Once you confirm your email address on file, we will restore your access.

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