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Since our migration to the server farm solution back in November, 2015, the capture times reported for screenshots have been inaccurate. Within a few days, we noticed that some captures were reporting with widely varying times, from negative (impossible) to 120 seconds or more for fast captures. We realized that this was a result of server time differences and added a daily time sync with an online service. That drastically improved the reported capture times, but many were still a bit "off" --either longer than observed or still reporting negative.

In short, we made an adjustment to pull the time from the generator that is making the capture, so that the timing will stay in sync.

This should eliminate "impossible" negative capture times being reported and is overall more accurate. Now, we see an average of 7s-12s per capture (instead of 15s-30s), which is more in line with our testing and observations.

For those of you who run performance tests, this will finally make your numbers accurate again.

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