BUG FIX: Expected Output on Database Error

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This update may seem trivial to many, but it was a long, hard road to get here. Over the years, we have learned that some users rely on certain responses to ALWAYS be as expected. For instance, if expecting an XML response, their code may not parse an "offline" web page response or "offline" text response.

Unfortunately, in the case when our database is to blame (should be very rare but can happen), our delivery scripts have always output the Drupal "Offline" maintenance web page. This would break user code that expected an XML response, for instance. After much troubleshooting, it was determined that there was no realistic way to intercept Drupal's output of the maintenance page, since we had integrated Drupal's Database Abstraction layer way-back-when. Although it was a slick integration and saved 100s of hours of development work, it meant we were stuck with this issue.

In a better-late-than-never fashion, we are happy to announce that the recent overhaul to all of the delivery scripts included migration to a more portable and extensible database abstraction layer that ended our reliance on Drupal.

As of today, I have updated our database integration to handle any errors much more elegantly. Now, if/when there is an issue with the database connection, a related XML response will be thrown to "Advanced Method" API requests, an "Offline" error image will be shown for "Embedded" requests, and an "Offline" web page will be shown when visiting the site.

For those of you with very strict response checking, we know this will come as a welcome relief and we sincerely apologize that this overhaul has taken so long to materialize. Smile

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