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I am finally able to write about the launch of our new billing system. It has taken nearly two years to get to this point and its development was so incredibly difficult that the end seemed to be nowhere in sight for so long. However, we are finally there (hopefully).

There may be some little bugs here and there, but I ran through more than 400 rounds of testing and I think that most (if not all) scenarios are working. We shall see. If there are issues, hopefully they will be simple to fix.

I am tentatively planning to launch the billing system over the upcoming weekend of September 10th and 11th. Updates will follow.

The main point of this notice, however, is to alert you that there will be some substantial code rewrites and changes taking place over the next several days. These changes should not affect your service in any way, but the potential is there to cause trouble. So we will be testing thoroughly to help ensure no negative impact on the service.



p.s. Some people have asked why we spent so much time and money on the billing system. The simple answer is that billing issues began to take up 80% of our time and caused us to lose focus on the service itself. The new billing system strives to alleviate those headaches for us and our loyal customers.


Our complex billing model is something that very few companies have been able to support, and any of those took a LOT of work to integrate. Besides that, the user interface portion of our new cart took nearly 8 months of input, testing, design, development, re-testing, re-design, and so on. In the end, though, I think we have something to be proud of and will help to make the buying experience much more pleasant for our valued customers.

We have poured countless hours and committed over $125,000 into this new system, so we hope that it shows and that our users find it useful. Now we can focus on improving the service once again! Yay! Smile

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