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We have some great news for those of you out there using the "Advanced Method" API --especially if you provide a script that others use.

We know that the whole idea of "Allowed Referrers" and "Lock to Account" has been confusing and troublesome for everyone, including us. Unfortunately, those who wish to abuse the system have made it a necessary evil to keep that difficult part of the setup process.

Now, however, we have finally managed to simplify that process for you and your users. This should greatly reduce your support requests.

In short, there are NO code changes required for this to work and it is already active and working on all integrations (even legacy ones).

Whenever your script makes a request to our service from an IP that is not allowed, we will check it for a variety of conditions, and then, if the proper credentials are passed; we will automatically assign that referrer to the particular account making the request.

So now, the single biggest headache and stumbling block has been automated and there will rarely be a need for a user to deal with the "Allowed Referrers", except in some rare cases.

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This is good news and will surely clear confusion with customers. It also will let customers get started faster with STW

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