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We are getting much closer to the launch of the new billing system and pricing model. With that, comes a great deal of changes behind-the-scenes. This post is an announcement of some major internal code changes that will be coming very soon.

These changes will affect the delivery code for both simple and advanced method.

Depending upon my availability, these changes may come as soon as this weekend (Fri, Sat, etc). None of these changes will require any action or code changes on your part but they are such a far-reaching overhaul of internal code that bugs or errors are possible. However, as always, I will do a thorough job of testing the code and then ensure that it is working correctly before posting that the update is done. During this time, there may be intermittent periods of downtime (delayed captures, offline, etc).


The specific reasons for these updates are to:

  1. Add ability for us to remove the daily limit for BASIC or PLUS customers
  2. Add more efficient handling of error conditions and denial-of-service attacks
  3. Add support for non-expiring new requests*
  4. Modify the way that accounts "reset" each month*
  5. Fix an oversight that has been lingering in the system for years**

*Pricing model requirement

**Fixing this oversight will have the following effects:

  • Certain types of requests will come back instantly instead of being queued
  • Some portion of wasted resources will be reclaimed
  • Some difficult to support language character sets may become supported

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